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Lawn Treatments
Moss and weeds can seriously affect the overall health of your lawn and can ruin the look of your garden. Our Weedfree lawn treatment division offers treatment programs that are perfectly tailored to your unique lawn problems at a cost that is cheaper than the nearest competition. Our NPTC trained staff can revive and maintain your lawn with our annual treatment packages. Weedfree’s reliable and trustworthy services are why our customers rate us so highly.

See Results in as little as 2 weeks and be the envy of your neighbours. Our service is cheaper than doing it yourself and all you need to do is water to maintain a lush healthy lawn.


Treatments Available

Spring Treatment
To provide essential nutrients at the start of the season.

Summer Feed Treatment 
To maintain the nutrients your lawn needs.

Autumn Winter Treatment
To enhance the overall colour over winter.

Disease and pest treatment
To eradicate disease and pests.

Hollow Tine Aeration
To improve drainage and air and water in to the root system.

This process reduce moss and thatch from your lawn.

Lawn Renovation 
We take your lawn back to soil and reseed.

Weed Control 
Application of selective herbicide to control weeds.

Moss Control 
Treatment to kill moss in the lawn.

Chafer Grub


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